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Noah Leighton.......... Student Pastor

Noah came to us from Grace Baptist Church in Springfield, TN, where he led children's ministry and served as a ministry intern. He's currently working on a BA in Biblical Studies with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Growing up in Adairville, KY, Noah is a diehard Kentucky Wildcats fan, enjoys fishing, and loves the outdoors. He's a big fan of David Platt, Matt Chandler, and Tim Keller. He aspires to be guitar player (emphasis on "aspires" ).


Norman Tidwell, Ronnie Anderson, Robbie White, Toney Collier, and Kevin Jarrell (from left to right).


Our deacons are servants, called to come alongside pastors and staff, helping minister and lead the church to live out its purpose.


They enjoy playing golf and giving each other a hard time.

Rob Frazier...........Worship Pastor

Rob Frazier is delighted to be serving as Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church Pleasant View, leading worship in song at Sunday services and for other special events.  “Leading God’s people in singing their praise to the Lord is a privilege I do not take lightly,” says Rob. “Congregational worship is not only the right and appropriate thing to offer the Lord who deserves our praise, it blesses us to come into His presence as His gathered family to praise Him for who He is and thank him for what He’s done.”  

Rob enjoyed a 25 year career in Christian music as a songwriter, artist and producer before becoming a pastor, but still counts making music as one of... MORE

Brad Shockley...........Pastor

Pastor Brad entered the ministry 21 years ago, pastoring churches in Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky. He earned a BA in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Bible College and an MA in Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary. 

He has been married to Angie twenty-five years and has three beautiful daughters, Abbie, Chloe, and Gracie. They live in Pleasant View.


Pastor Brad is a huge fan of C.S. Lewis, reads everything Tim Keller writes, has never watched an entire sports event in his life, thinks the Lord of the Rings movies are the all time best ever made, still watches cartoons, and enjoys writing, photography, and keeping fit. He hates golf.